How Much Do You Know About Supra Skytop?

As a California-based well-known footwear company, Supra has become a rising star in the skateboard shoes arena. With its superb material and distinctive design, shoes of this brand are increasingly popular not only in the United States domestic market but also in markets all over the world. Among the various product types, Supra Skytop shoes are an important constituent of this famous brand. Once worn by some all-star athletes, musicians and celebrities on various occasions like games, concerts and parties. Supra Skytop shoes have become a symbol of the elite lifestyle. Because 2013 Supra Skytop has incorporated not only quality and convenience but also beauty and a sense of fashion.

Until today Skytop has experienced the first generation product which is Skytop and the second generation product which is Skytop. Apart from shoes for adult men and women, Skytop also presents opportunities to babies and youngsters to enjoy a superb style life.

The first generation Skytop uses on its outsole vulcanized gum rubber which is an essential reason for Skytop's unparalleled durability. And the comfortable polyurethane material builds the insole into which extra heel protection is added. Between the insole and outsole is a layer of SupraFoam. Don't underestimate the role of this layer of foam. It can buffer much of the shock and lessen the resistance to the feet, providing a feeling of lightness and flexibility. The second generation, Skytop, still enjoys much likenesses with the first generation, in design and material, but the updated generation is higher than the previous generation.

Customers are given the freedom to choose the right design based on their own unique taste and material. Some designs are of canvas, some of leather and some of suede. And some designs have three colors and four colors. Now in mainland China consumers can rarely buy original Supra Skytop shoes for there be no franchised Supra store. You can buy a pair in HK or log onto the official website of Supra or the site of some commissioned agencies of Supra and order the product you wish. Normally a pair of original Supra Skytop costs more than 1000 RMB. With to rise China's luxuriant product consuming group, the demand for this premium brand will increase in China therefore. It might be true that soon Supra group will set up outlets in the mainland China because any company thriving to win its share in the global market cannot afford to neglect the Chinese market.

And now, you have known how amazing of supra skytop shoes. Also, do you want to know more about them and want to have one? Make your choice right now by visiting You can find amazing things there.
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