Ray Ban Wayfarer Glasses Define Your New Figure

Ray Ban 4000 Series is one of the most famous brands in designer sunglasses. According to the investment of an UK company, the total sales for ray ban sunglasses is 1.5 billion since the company has established. It was an USA company at the very first time. But now it has been owned by an Italian company. The company only spent 2 million dollars to buy the brand of Ray ban. Now the brand is worth more than hundreds of millions.

It all started back in 1936 when an American test pilot, Lieutenant John Macready, spawned the birth of Ray-Ban when he asked Bausch & Lomb to create a sunglass to protect his eyes but that would also look good. The Aviator was born in 1937 and worn not only by pilots but also by soldiers and in 1952 a new design was introduced by Ray-Ban: the Wayfarer.

Designed by Raymond Stegeman, the Wayfarer was the first sunglass to have a plastic frame, considerably lighter than the 150 gram metal frame used by its predecessor the Aviator. The trapezoidal frame was originally intended to have a masculine look and did appeal more to men; however they are just as popular now with women. Manufactured at first with green mineral glass designed to filter out infrared and ultraviolet rays, by 1962 plastic and impact-resistant lenses were introduced.

Great thing about these cool spectacles is because they are produced from high-quality plastic-type material and scratch-resistant lens, which means they're built to last. Also, when compared to the other custom brands associated with eyewear, Ray Bans are less expensive. The brand focuses on giving a classic style that's useful as well as, concurrently, greatly wearable… simply no frills, only standard greatness that can move from casual to formal. Visual stores make sure to hold these kinds of in stock since they're preferred options for doctor prescribed glasses. They are big enough to fit any type of lens, whether it be heavy or thick.

Ray Ban Wayfarer are extremely cool in which celebrities all over in many cases are seen using them. London's newest "IT" girl Pippa Middleton has actually been noticed wearing her Ray Bans more than once to both everyday and dress-up events. Of course, UK's top model, Kate Moss is also a fan. In the usa, singers just like Beyonce, Lady Gaga, Jay-Z, Katy Perry (in their own video pertaining to Teenage Dream) and socialites Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie love to wear their own Ray Ban Wayfarers. Even movie star kids similar to Suri Cruise, Zuma Rossdale, Violet Affleck and Honor Warren have been seen looking genuinely chic wearing Ray Bans. All the different Ray Ban fans simply solidifies how the brand will continue the specialist on awesome and quality sunglasses for a many years.
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